My name is Suzanne and I am a stay-at-home Mom in Buffalo.  I have been couponing for as long as I can remember, but I got much more serious about it after my first child was born. I quit my job to become a full time Mom and I started my blog a few years after.

If you need to contact me with questions, comments, or anything else, please send an email to

Happy Couponing!


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  1. Hi Suzanne, just a quick thanks for the tip on the Mars sweepstakes. I just won a candy bar coupon on my first 5 tries. How long did you wait to receive your coupon? Bartman

    • Awesome! I’m glad to hear that you won. According to the contest rules, you should receive your free product coupon within 6 weeks.

  2. Just wanted to say thank you so much for site! I love it and use it for the Tops match ups since many sites do not have Tops on them since it is a regional company. I’m 24 but was diagnosed in the beginning of the year with a severe, aggressive case of MS. I’m in the long process of being disabled because I am unable to function normally. Couponing has helped out my family tremendously and I just again want to send a big thank you out to you for doing all the work to put up this website!

    • You’re so very welcome. Thanks so much for the kind words. If there are particular products that you are looking for deals on, please let me know. I love to hunt for deals!

  3. How can I get your emails and become a follower of you ? I get emails, am on FB. I appreciate the help with the Tops ads. Can you send me the info to follow.I am niagara county Tops shopper.

  4. Hello Suzy,

    I am just finding your site today via google. I am new to couponing and am looking forward to learning as much as I can. I cannot express how grateful I am to have found someone else in the Western NY area with such great information about deals and specials for our local supermarkets and retail stores. It seems rather tricky here to find goof deals. Thanks again!

  5. Hi Suzy,
    I am also a savings/coupon blogger from Buffalo. I’ve been searching everywhere for deals on Tops. Thank you for your site! Would you mind if I put your link of my site to post deals for Tops? My blog is

    • Yes! You can use those $10 Catalina coupons on any purchase, Nancy. I think the only restricted items are alcohol, tobacco, and prescriptions. You can still use the Gas Bonus coupon too.

  6. A little disappointed… just posted in your blog, M&M Mars coupon, RP, $0.75, which doubled would be $1.50 off the sales price 1.99 at TOPS. How did you miss the bold print on top of coupon, “DO NOT DOUBLE”

    • This coupon states “Do Not Double”, but it is coded to double automatically. This means that it will double when scanned, unless the cashier overrides it not to double. I used two of these coupons at Tops yesterday and they both doubled. Good Luck!

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