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  1. I am trying to prim
    nt from coupons .com but now it
    says you need to email to print. I tried this and it did not work I sent it to my email, opened it up and the clicked to print, but it did not print.Help

    • I’m not sure why it would say that. Try clicking the Help button on and see if they can assist you. Or, try printing from a different browser. I usually print using Firefox. Good luck!

    • You can not print from with your phone and I know I cant print from my tablet either. It will make you send it to your email and then you need to print from your email on a desktop or laptop computer.

      • Vanessa – There is a coupons dot com app and Grocery IQ app that you can download to print from your smartphone or mobile device. 🙂

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    • I’m sorry to hear that, Patti. Try printing in a different browser. If that doesn’t work, uninstall the software, restart your computer and install it again. Good luck!

  3. why do you advertise coupons on google, then when try to get coupon there is nothing. just another site that is annoying. where is the coupon for minute rice??? it sure is not where you direct to.

    • Hello! Most coupons are only available for about one month. The post that you are referring to is more than a year old and that coupon is no longer available from the manufacturer. I apologize for any inconvenience.

    • These coupons can be used at any store.

      If you are referring to the ad scan, these deals are available in most Tops Markets locations. There may be a few regional items that may vary.

      ~ Suzy

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