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GIVEAWAY: $3.00 Cracker Barrel Cheese Rebate Forms – THREE Winners! — 23 Comments

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  2. My Christmas tradition is getting together my family and my sister’s family on Christmas Eve Day and open our gifts and order pizza and wings.

  3. Our holiday tradition is Angel Bingo . We all bring a $5 gift and steal from one another during the day. Great to mix adults with the younger generation!

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  5. getting up at the crack of dawn on christmas morning and waiting for dad to get his video camera and lights setup to tape us walking down the stairs and seeing all the gifts under the tree 🙂

  6. Every year we do an extended family Christmas party. This is my favorite because it is one of the only times a year I get to see everyone 🙂

  7. My favorite family tradition is making homemade noodles for Thanksgiving. It seems like the official start of the holiday season.

  8. Making homemade noodles for Thanksgiving is my favorate family tradition. It always seems to be the official kick off to family get togethers for the holidays.

  9. Every year I give my children new pajamas on Christmas eve. They really love it & look forward to waking up on Christmas Morning in their new pjs. Usually I get the matching or coordinating ones to make it extra fun!

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