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  1. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the cooking— my oldest is 5 and each year I try to teach him a new recipe for thanksgiving. This year I am going to let him rub the butter all over the turkey lol and if he freaked out by touching the turkey I have the back up plan to help me with the green bean casserole. In the past he has helped making pies (the filling and the crust), learned to make the bread rolls and last year he helped with mashing potatoes.

  2. My favorite holiday tradition is at Xmas time. We have a meatless meal Xmas eve and Xmas day we have ham, polish sausage, salads, and of course cookies! We open presents that I give the grandkids and Xmas morning they open presents from Mom and Dad. Then we have this huge brunch and then our supper!! I love the polish tradition and hope my granddaughters carry it on.

  3. My favorite tradition was always helping my grandmother fix food for our thanksgiving meal. I used to spend the night and get up early to help.
    Thanks for the chance! I’ve been on the look out for these!

  4. My favorite tradition is making all kinds of cookies to give to relatives, friends, teachers, etc. I love to cook and bake! Of course spending time with extended family as well.

  5. Our favorite is each one from our family gets to pick a dish to make to have along with the turkey. Lol last year I think we ended up with like 4 desserts! We also starting in November when we sit to eat as a family we do what was best and worst part of your day and also what you are thankful for. It can be quiet entertaining!

  6. Family is very important to me, since I lost my oldest son over a year ago, holidays mean so much for me to spend family time with my other 4 children and there kids.. besides that.. Pumpkin pie rules… 🙂

  7. We always wrap up a new game to let the kids unwrap on Thanksgiving night after dinner. Gives us all something to play together and kicks off the Christmas Season with a family gift. (This year its the pie face game).

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