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Gold Peak Tea .75/1 = FREE at Tops this week! — 8 Comments

  1. I haven’t been able to find the small bottles of gold peak tea at a few of my local Tops, (I’ve been looking since I printed the coupon a few weeks ago) so I stopped at the service desk on Sunday to ask if they even carried them. The girl at customer service called someone in grocery who told her that they didn’t carry the small bottles but they are trying to get them from the distributer. So, has anyone found these in their store, and if so, which store?

    • Erin – I found these at Tops on the sale wall at the Delaware/Sheridan store. They didn’t have them in the regular beverage aisle at all, but they had a bunch on the sale wall. I hope you are able to find some at a store near you.

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  3. Hello. Just a question Tops has these on sale for $1 so would the coupon still double to $1.50 then it would be a $.50 money maker?

    • The coupon will only double up to the value of the item. In this case, the coupon will ring up .75 then it will double to .25

  4. If you try to do this deal at Tops, be sure to watch your receipt. When I bought 10, the $3 instant savings came off without a problem, but then my 75 cent coupons were not doubling. The cashier had to push them through manually.

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