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How to Prepare a Pomegranate — 9 Comments

    • Thanks, Robin!

      I forgot how much I enjoyed them last year. I was glad to see them back in stores. Now I have to come up with some yummy new pomegranate recipes!

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  2. My son as well as a couple of friends have them growing in their backyards.. each year my friends give them away by the box full, but my son’s two trees barely produce enough for his own use.. I cannot wait to get some from our friends as they can be considered organic as she just lets mother nature do her thing and I am going to harvest the arils and keep the seeds to grow my own.. I don’t know if they will grow here, but we will find out soon enough… maybe will have to wait until we put up our greenhouse so that it will be a warmer climate inside as all of my friends that grow them live in the Mojave Desert in California where it can reach temps of 120 (f) and as low as 32 (f)…. with lots of sun and shade from the palm trees… ~Suzy-in-Colorado~

    • That sounds wonderful. My husband and I were thinking of converting our second floor porch into a greenhouse. I don’t think we can grow pomegranates here though. We’re in Buffalo and it gets pretty cold here in the winter!

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