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It’s Giveaway Time – Enter to win an envelope FULL of coupons! — 32 Comments

    • I love those deals, Nicole! I got some rainchecks last week and I’m looking forward to using them next week when I get Gas Points for my purchase and bonus points for my coupons!

  1. There were oh so many deals I don’t know which was my best! But I guess I’m going to have to say the 6 International Delight Coffee Creamers for 40 cents total with my SavingStar Credit at Tops!!!

  2. Prob last night at TOPS went in bought 4 Butterball Turkey Bacon and 2 Farm Express Salads used 4 Butterball Bacon .75 off and $3 off Farm Express paid nothing and got $2 off my next shopping trip

  3. Now that the Dollar Tree accepts coupons there are so many freebies! I was able to get Lindsay Olives free with a $1 off coupon.

    I’m always looking for K cup deals, too!

  4. Yesterday i went to Tops and i used my rain check for the .50 a lbs for the roaster chickens. I bought 3 chickens, 4 pouches of tuna, 2 Inernational creamers, 3 Ore Ida potatoes, 1/2 gal of milk and 2 D’Italino bread. All for $25.11

  5. The best deals are always the yogurt and cereal coupons when those items are on sale plus the gas points I earn at Tops….I haven’t paid full price for gas since I began following your posting….thanks!

  6. My best deals were:
    30 gallons of gas for $11.97 at Tops & 10 free El Monterey Supreme Chimichangas and Burritos w/ 0.29 overage on each at Walmart.
    I also got the free BB bacon and Express salads at Tops. 🙂

      • I paid $20 for 30 gallons.
        Wags was giving extra bonus points Saturday wyb $15 beauty/personal care products. I had an olay deal..spend $20 get 3000 points…mens dove bodywash -spend $15 get 5000. Got 3000 bonus points on each order and somehow got an extra 5000. plus 2 -$2 rr for the body wash. walked out with 19,000 points and $4 rr. Used the rr today for free ziplock bags.

        • That’s awesome, Wendy! Do you have a big gas tank or just a bunch of gas cans? My tank only holds 15 gallons and I have a 3 gallon can. I think I may need to invest in a few more gas cans. My husband is always cringing during refill week because I run the tank down a lot and dump the gas can into his car so I can get the most gas at my discount. LOL!

          I really need to research the new Walgreens program. I haven’t shopped there in a while — other than to get some non-RR deals.

    • Andrea – Are you signed up for the special programs that are available from the formula companies? If not, I can send you a separate message with the info. They will send you samples and checks/coupons in the mail, which will help a lot.

      The best diaper deals I have found lately have involved clearance. I’ll be sure to put up a post the next time I find some good diaper deals too.

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  8. It was technically last month in october but here’s what I got for under $15~
    4 boxes of Trix Cereal,
    4 boxes Honey nut Cheerios,
    4 Boxes Multigrain Cheerios,
    4 Boxes Cocoa puffs,
    4 Yoplait Simplait Yogurt
    2 Bags Green Giant Seasoned Steamers
    2 Beechnut Stage 4 Fruit Squeezie thingys
    1 Smithfield Center Cut Hamsteak
    1 Package Tops brand alfalfa sprouts
    1 Organic Farm Salad Mix
    1 Starkist tuna pouch 🙂

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