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My First Giveaway- Over $130 of Coupons and Rebate Forms! — 21 Comments

  1. I love all the deals u post but most of all I love that you are from wny because u talk about the stores I shop at 🙂

  2. I enjoy seeing your shopping trips and what you score. I also enjoy that you are local and do the Tops deals. Thanks!!!!

  3. I love the “unadvertised deals” posts as well as the tips for websites to register with to get more coupons. One thing I’d like to see is tips on asking specific companies, whose products you use often, for coupons.

  4. i have learn so much from you site, im new in this always looking for you advised i want to let you know you are awsome, keep up the good work thank you so much , maybe i be lucky and get to add those coupon to my little pile if not thank you anyway.. good luck everyone..:)

  5. You are my favorite site I follow now! You matchups are so easy to follow and I love the Tops deals! Your site and Tops Supemarket how could a shopper go wrong!!

  6. I love that you show store specific deals, especially wegmans! One just opened up here and it’s been our place to shop, but I don’t know much about them. Being able to know their unadvertized deals and their coupon policy is so important!

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  8. I am new to your site and am already in love with it. I like the way you post your deals in a very organized and simple way. Thanks a lot for the giveaway and for the daily/weekly deals.

  9. This is a fabulous blog! Thanky ou for putting so mucha hard work into all of this! I know that just keeping up a facebook page is difficult! I love that you have a variety of places to find deals listed and featured on you blog! Also it is nice to find a local gal that is happy abour saving and proud to show it off!!! Thank you for your hard work! ~ And to Monica Vines for introducing us!

  10. My favorite part of your site are the Tops Matchups! I can’t shop there without checking your site first 🙂

  11. I just found your website and am looking forward to checking everything out – so far my favorite thing is this giveaway – thanks!

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