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Target Shopping Today – I saved $94.02! — 4 Comments

    • Yes, Amy. I believe the MP chicken coupon did beep, but I did get a frozen chicken item so I figured I had an argument ready if necessary 😉

      • I went this morning to get my burritos and the front end girl would not let me use it. Of course it beeped at the register and the cashier called her over. She said I couldn’t use it because it didnt say chicken on the package. I said it did it said chicken burrito. She said it was intended for the big bags of chicken and because it said burrito after the word chicken I couldnt use it. I am so upset. I hate wasting ink and I printed 4 of them.

        • Bummer. Sometimes it depends on the cashier. I always try to go to the young male cashiers whenever possible.

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