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Tops Deal Preview: FREE Breakstone Cottage Cheese — 8 Comments

  1. Does Breakstone Cottage Cheese have the Real California symbol on it? How do you know this coupon can be used on the Breakstone?

    • The last time they were on sale, I found .20/1 Real California dairy coupons stuck to the package. After looking a little closer, I found the Real California symbol on the package. Kraft (maker of Breakstone) are also listed as a manufacturer on the Real California Dairy website.

  2. Last week our Tops had peelies on these! For .55 cents said dnd but had 5s on them and did double! So this will be a great deal if they still have the peelies!

    • My Tops had the 20 cent peelies a few weeks ago. That is how I realized that those Real California Dairy coupons would work on these. Before that, I just ignored those coupons when they came in the paper. I will definitely pay more attention to them in the future as the regular price for Breakstone doubles is just $1.19 so they would only be 9 cents without a sale (with the .55 cent coupon doubled).

      The coupon on the Real California milk website is a pdf so you should be able to print a few (don’t go too crazy though or you might have issues at the register).

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