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Tops Deal Preview: Ten Kraft items for just $2.97!!! — 8 Comments

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  2. 6 crystal light packages(2/$4) 4 crystal otg (bogo)
    thats $12+$6.98
    4 0.50 off any crystal packages (doubles to 4 dollars total)
    2 1.00 off when you buy any 2 crystal light packages
    thats 18.98-6=12.98-10.00 coupon printout=2.98
    6 coupons=60 gas points 200 gaspoints
    paying 18.98 so 19 points – 2 points for the doubled coupons
    200+60+17=277 =27.7 cents off per gallon x30=8.31
    $2.98-$8.31 off gas=$5.33 profit

  3. oh and btw you cant use 2 1/1 and 1 1/2 on the cheese because your only paying for 3 of them (2 coupons off 1 + 1 coupon off 2 = 4 items total)

    • to be honest you cant even use the cheese and miracle coupons (redeemable at walmart) unless your actually able to use those at tops

      • I printed the Kraft mayo coupons and it doesn’t mention any stores on the printed coupon. The $1/1 Kraft singles and $1/2 Kraft shreds don’t mention any stores on the printed coupons either. I didn’t print the $1/2 Kraft singles coupon so I can’t speak to that one.

        Even if it did say “redeemable at Walmart” on the coupon, you should be able to use it anywhere since it is a manufacturer’s coupon. The only time you would have a problem is if it was actually a Walmart store coupon, or if it said “redeemable ONLY at Walmart”.

    • Tops coupon policy states that you can use one coupon for a BOGO sale so you should be able to use the $1/2 coupon. It will probably depend how the coupon is coded and how your cashier interprets the coupon policy.

      • the item that is free cant be used towards the coupon so a coupon that says 1 dollar off 2 items u have to buy 4 of the bogo items (buying 2 getting 2 free) because the 2 that are free are basically non existent. and its not how the cashier interprets the coupon policy its how the coupon policy is. as such. I myself am a cashier at one of the tops stores. 3 and a half years and i myself am also a couponer. so I know the coupon policy.

  4. Wow Joshua B getting a little bit of an attitude! I am sure you are speaking based on the store you work at and perhaps what your manager told you.

    I am a couponer of many years and I a wonderful relationship with my local Tops Store. The store I shop at are more than happy to take a $1/2 coupon on a B1G1 Free sale. I specifically asked why would they do that as the one items is FREE and their policy states a coupon can’t be used on a Free items. Rocco the store manager simply said to me CUSTOMER SERVICE!

    So it has been my experience some Tops stores are more concerned with Service vs words on a coupon policy.

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