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Tops Markets Coupon Policy Changes — 4 Comments

  1. Okay so I just read the policy changes and all I have to say is OH NO! The limits on $1 Doublers, the limit on gas points per day means so many less transactions or more shopping trips! My favorite store may be turning our coupon shopping trips into a much bigger thinking processs! lol I am so glad I live so close to 3 different Tops stores so I have lots of different choices in planning my trips! Let the complaints begin!

    • I will be curious to see if they actually code it in the system to enforce these limits. Technically, there was always a limit of 4 doublers per customer (as stated on the doubler coupon), but it has never really been enforced. I guess we shall see…

  2. If I’m not mistaken, they’ve had the “100 pts per day” limit for quite awhile (it may have previously been in the info about the gas points program instead of the coupon policy). I’ve never had a problem doing multiple transactions at different Tops locations in the same day. Sometimes if I forget to buy something and make a stop at the same Tops twice in a day, it doesn’t seem to limit either.

    • I think most of these policies have been in place for a while. They are just spelling it out more clearly in case a cashier or manager feels the need to enforce limits.

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