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Tops Markets Deals 11/03/13 – 11/09/13 — 7 Comments

  1. I want to start off with letting you know that I love your site. However, I wanted to mention that the $2.00 coupons from Kellogg’s for milk, yogurt and fruit are for those products alone. Kellogg’s coupons for Krave, Raisin Bran, Frosted Flakes and whatever else may be included can be used on top of these. In my case, having several cereal fans in my home I am going to buy 12 boxes and use 4 each ( the max) of the coupons for milk, fruit and yogurt. Also, by using the printable chobani and yocrunch single and b1g1 coupons, I willonly end up paying about .80 total for 10 yocrunch and 4/4 packs of the chobani bites.

    • The fruit, yogurt & milk coupons are usually coded as Kellogg’s coupons and they will beep as “too many coupons” if you try using them along with another Kellogg’s coupon. I haven’t tried stacking these ones so I’m not 100% sure, but I have tried using a “$1.00 off Fruit when you buy Marzetti dip” along with a $1.00/1 Marzetti dip” last week and it beeped stating “too many coupons”. It may also depend on your cashier because some will override that error and others will not.

      Where did you get the BOGO Chobani and YoCrunch coupons? If they are printables, Tops will not accept them. Unfortunately, they don’t take internet coupons with the word “FREE”.

  2. I am on my way out the door now to go try this. Lucklily, I have never had much push back at my local Tops in the past. The $2.00 fruit, milk and yogurt coupons say manufacturing and I pulled them off the coupons.com site a few weeks ago. I am attempting to use 4 each. With 12 cereal coupons. It should end up being about 16.60 for 12 boxes of cereal, .07 for 3 gallons of milk, . 80 for 4/4 packs of chobani and 10 yocrunch . The fruit will be just about free as I willjust get the 8.00 worth.

    Usually when I have a stack of coupons like this I am the self conscious one and the girls running the register just push them through and are in awe in the savings. I will let you know how it works when I get back!

  3. It all worked as planned. The total bill was 317.07 and after all coupons and bonus card, I paid 125.11. Fyi… I refused to pay $45 for the ham to get the overpriced turkey breast for free. However, if others drink Sam Adams beer there is a coupon for $10 off a ham with a 12 pack on the beer display. The cashier even took my 2 nd coupon for the dollar off the lloyds Bbq. Perhaps my store is just a bit more lax.
    Happy saving!

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