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  1. Is the $20 minimum purchase for the use of dollar doublers before or after coupons? For example, I have $1/1 Vitamin water coupons and they are on sale 10/$10, so can I buy my way to a $20 purchase in “free” vitamin water? I’d use a coupon of the dollar doubler deals above, buy vitamin waters to get to before coupon total to $20, then use doublers and my $1/1 VW coupons to be real close to zero out of pocket with each transaction. Can I do this?

    • According to the coupon terms, it is $20 after all discounts. It also says limit 4 per card, per week – I hope that is not actually the case!

      In the past, it was really just $20 before the doublers were scanned, but they have made some policy changes lately so I’m not really sure how it will go this time.

      I will be sure to let everyone know when the first reports come back from shoppers on Sunday morning.

      • Thanks!, last time I used doublers I spent $20 pre coupon total, and when she got threw my stack of coupons to the doublers the cashier said you have to spend $20 to use these, i simply said I did, before coupons, and had to have a manger let the doublers go through

        • I was able to do two separate orders (4 doublers each) at two different stores. I scanned the doubleres first (before any other coupons). Both of my orders were under $8 after doublers and coupons.

          Happy Couponing!

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