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Tops Markets Deals 8/18/13 – 8/24/13 — 4 Comments

  1. I found Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals for $1.89 in the clearance section at Tops. With the $1.50 off coupon that comes to 39 cents. It looks like a great deal. I hope there are few more left when I go back. I only had one coupon on me at the time.
    Rochester, NY

    • Thanks for the tip, Anon! I’ll have to bring my coupons just in case. I hope they have some at my store in Buffalo too!

    • It’s still there. It’s just a bit difficult to find. First login on the Stouffers website, then click the coupon link and it should work then. Or, after you login, go to “My Dinner Club Hub” on the left side of the page. That is where you will find the coupon.

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