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Tops Markets UNADVERTISED Deals – October 2 – 8, 2016 *DOLLAR DOUBLER WEEK* — 4 Comments

  1. Went to Tops today , my order came to 20.49 , the cashier would not take the 1.00 doublets first , after she took my coupons off , she said I could not use the tops 1.00 doublets , she pointed on the coupons that said 20.00 after All discounts, I said my coupons are a form of payment , that she should have done the doublets first, she said they were told to do them LAST after all coupons, she told me to read the stores policy , told her I did , anyone else having this issue this week

    • I’m sorry that you have had trouble with your Dollar Doubler coupons. You may want to contact the Tops Corporate Office to discuss this issue. I have contacted Tops Corporate Office about this in the past and they told me that $20 (before tax and manufacturer coupons) is the threshold. I will post a copy of that at the top of these match-ups as well for anyone who may need it.

    • The Bob Evans Hashbrown potatoes are located near the meat department. They should be in the same area as the bacon, lunchables, etc. Good luck!

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