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Tops Shopping Today — 5 Comments

  1. $91 worth of groceries for $48 – and I earned 130 gas points. Not too bad, but it was also our “big” shopping day so I got a few extras that I didn’t have coupons for.
    I think the best deals are definitely the Planters PB, the Pennsylvania Dutch noodles and the Coffeemate creamer. I also used coupons to match up to the sales on the Hilshire Farms sausage, Land-o-lakes light butter, Quaker chewy granola bars and some Pillsbury crescent rolls. Lots of great deals this week!!

  2. Our stores here follow what the coupon states. Order has to be $15.00 after all discounts in order to use the doublers! So that is $15.00 after all MQ’s and tax and Tops Bonus card! Still good to use the doublers the savings still helps!

  3. love those dollar doublers, just using some cleaners which i hate to spend money on, but did get one for the cheese , can anybody help me in finding more of those coupons for the sargento ultra thin cheese, doing a shower and would love to save some money on the chees as we all know sand meat is costly so thought wuld save on the cheese but can not find one, can you help or know where i should be able to get

  4. I just did a quick shopping trip this morning, but I’m going back for more later to stock up for Passover. I spent $12.50 on $39.45 worth of groceries and earned 103 gas points. I got:
    4 cans of Goya Low Sodium Beans
    4 pouches of Starkist Tuna
    2 packages of Mariani Dried Pineapple
    1 double pack of I Can’t Believe it’s not Butter
    1 Sargento Ultra Slim Cheese Slices
    2 Bottles of Head & Shoulders Shampoo
    1 Bottle of Garnier Fructis Shampoo

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